As I take tokes from the marijuana smoke...

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10 lil crip niggas

10 lil crip niggas


Tokin with Grandma


Tokin with Grandma



This is known as Cannabis Caviar and at $1,400 an ounce you better believe you’re going to get some extremely potent grass.
They get midgrade nugs and soak them in high grade Hash Oil, once they’ve had some time to so soak they let them sit and cure for a couple weeks, even months.
It was made for seriously chronic medical smokers that have built up a huge tolerance over time, as you can imagine it would be as harsh as they come though.

straight fire



If a bearded man eating cereal off of a bowl that is perfect balanced on his head isn’t on your blog, you’re running the wrong type of blog. 

My blog has a small place for beardos like him

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